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Harkamal preet pal singh ubhi is the author of motivational ebooks; The Power of Mind, The Student Life, The Real Success , The Power of Nature. All four books have remained bestsellers since their release. A simple and inspiring motivated ebooks. Humans Being is a super creation of Nature,it gives us The Power Of Thinking.Don’t waste your life.Do something for Nature and others for their Better Life.

start business from nothing

start business from nothing

Start business from Nothing-Be An Entrepreneur

Start a Business from Nothing Be An Entrepreneur  should be read not just by aspiring entrepreneurs but by anyone seeking a thoughtful alternative to the current pervasive gloom about the prospects for the world

Start a Business from Nothing is a book that explains how to work on your innovative concepts as businessman . The way to start a company has changed drastically over the time and this book will explain you how to utilize this change to our benefit. The book provides the plan, how a ‘startup’ is a company devoted to creating something innovative under circumstances of extreme uncertainty. Every one of us has one thing in common and that is to clear the way of uncertainty and reach the target of having a sustainable, unbeaten and balanced company.


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The power of mind

The power of mind -The life changing ebook

The Power of Mind

Did you know that your mind has a ‘mind’ of its own? Yes! Without even realizing, our mind is often governed by another entity which is called the sub-conscious mind. This is where this book acts as a guide and allows you to decipher the depths of the sub-conscious. This eBook contains stuffs about the powers of the mind,the ,Happines,Wealth,Mental Healing ,your right to be rich ,the power of thoughts and how to use it for attaining achievement. You will also find here stuffs about peace of mind.

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The Student Life

The Student Life -Stop Stealing Student Dream

The Student Life

This book is describing the student life as well as education system.The level of education dropped down . It is written for teenagers , their teachers and their parents.It is written for bosses and for those who work for those bosses.and it is written for anyone who gone to school/colleges board meeting ,applied to college or voted. Large scale education was not developed to motivate students or create scholars . Now days institutions focused on quantity education instead of quality education .

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Awaken the Giant Within

Awaken the giant within

This book will give you the key to the most awesome power within your reach! There are no limits to what you can achieve, and absolutely no restrictions . The techniques provided in the book are simple and invaluable.It provide a firm foundation to those students, who aspire to embark upon a successful and rewarding career. Reading and imbibing the techniques suggested, guarantee curricular and professional success. A worthwhile investment that would go a long way in developing careers.

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The Real Success

The Real Success-Inspirational poem

The Real Sucess

Though schools and colleges teach facts and skills to young people, they often fail to explain students how to live as human beings. Therefore, expressive writings in Poems for Young People provide sensible direction, life teachings, and inspirational messages on the subjects of character building, goodness, self-confidence, self-esteem, healthy living, character, meaning in life, positive values, friendship, devoutness, love for family, and thankfulness for natural beauty, and daring in the face of adversity.

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Tips and tricks for Quantitative Apptitude

Best Quantitative Aptitude book for all competitive exams.In this section, you can find numerous aptitude questions with answers and explanation. The quantitative aptitude questions with answers mentioned above covers various categories and extremely helpful for competitive exams.In the competitive exams Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning questions are take more time of all exams.