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Sheetal kumari

Hi Harkamal! First of all, thank you for your great work in inspiring the youth of India. There are very few people who rise up and stand for those who are facing same problems which they were facing earlier. You are one of them. Your thoughts really helped me when I needed them the most. I sincerely admire you. Keep motivating and be successful in your purpose.



Amit Behal

Dear harkamal, with your beautiful and life changing words, I have learned so many things. And I always share them with all my friends and relatives.Thanks harkamal for this motivating effort.



Sukhkaran ubhi

Hello Bro, I am writing this post for you but actually I have no words. My life has changed by your lovely words and sayings. You are the *Star* of my life. Today if I am successful, its just because of your words. Even if its just your laugh, its so cute, you look so sweet when you laugh. And one last thing, always be cheerful as you are!




Sir, I would consider that day as the luckiest day of my life.I can feel real change in me. Since my childhood, I have always been into simple living and positive thinking. But gradually, life started becoming complicated and very slowly I changed to a different person. It was when your thoughts gained entry into my heart that I found that little child back in me.Thank you so much!

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harkamal sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I could not find a solution to my problems, you came in my life and it was the start of my life getting aligned again. The biggest message I learnt is that the direction of my journey is actually inwards and not outwards. Sir, I just want to tell you that, I would try my best to thank you in your way sharing your mission.Heartiest thank you!

Shivangi Dua

Assalamualaikum harkamal, I am from Pakistan.I have no words to thank you for your efforts. I learned from you that power of desire is important for humanity. I have set my desires, one of them is to meet you personally.

 Rafay Shaikh

Sir, your book have inspired me a lot in dark phases of my life. I want to meet you at least once in my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support.

 Rinki Sharma

Hi harkamal, I am very grateful to you that you share your thought process with us. When I was a kid, I used to think about the things in the same way, and I always miss that part of me in my life from last 4-5 years. That kind of self control, to being myself, the solution for all the problems and all that. But now after finding you, very soon, I will be the same as I were in my school days. May God bless you. Thanks a lot.

 Priyanka Maheshwari

Respected Sir, you are doing a great work, sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. Lots of love from Allahabad. Keep up the good work!

Vaibhav Srivastava

Sir I am a student like you. I was really depressed due to declining results. I was feeling like quitting everything but your books inspired me and gave me a new ray of hope to start again with my potential. You are a great inspiration. Keep up the good work. Thank you so very much!

 Jhanvi Gupta

Dear harkamal, I really appreciate you being an inspiration for the people, especially for the youth. And I am also very thankful to you to clear the doubts in my life that come to mind on daily basis. Many times, you really help me to use my intelligence overcome my mind. You have given me a new vision to see the world.

 Vishal Patel

harkamal sir, I read your books to direct my mind towards motivation. I am just a twenty year old girl but the way you express your thoughts are so simple that even I can grasp them easily. I loved the book ‘The Real Success.

Saumya Shukla

Sir, often we stumble in life, often we fail and keep on wondering way we failed. Few get the answer but still remain in oblivion and most of the people never seek for the reason of their failure and set their feet on a new track leading to another failure. Thank you so much Sir for, you reflect the reasons so vividly through which people can relate to their life and get back on the right track immediately.

Sankalp Sidhant

Hello Sir, actually I read you book The power of mind. I was very frustrated and exhausted in my life but after reading your book I got much energy and hope in my life. Thank you so much Sir.

Sarita Laha

Thank you so much Sir for being so humble and helping me to go within. I always believe in spreading smiles and your books have just helped me to strengthen my belief and see beauty in every single thing. I live free and thank life each day. You are an unprecedented teacher and yes, you have sown a seed of inspiration within me.

Rachna Mishra

Respected Sir, you are doing a great work by writing these books and sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. Lots of love from Barabanki. Keep up the good work!

Nihal Rastogi

Namaste.Now I realized that we only attract what we are. Sir I feel proud of your mission. I totally agree with you that schools must make an additional subject to teach the science of mind. Thank you so much for your efforts.


Sir, you are a true source of inspiration for us. Your words have given a new dimension to the way I live my life. I consider myself fortunate enough to have known a person like you. I can proudly say that you are an idol for students like me. Keep blessing us with your energy!

Mohit Agarwal

harkamal brother, I have been on a constant hunt to find ways to improve myself. I got to read some of your books. Upon reading them, I discovered in you my own self but better and refined. Just like you achieved success so early in your life, I also strive to pave a way to success by shifting focus on my strengths. Thanks to you for your selfless service for India and the world.

Ashok Kumar Burra

harkamal Sir, it was a pleasure to read your book The Student life. You are a great inspiration. For me, you are a messenger of god who not only lives his dreams but also lives for others and has great concern for people and society. There is a lot to learn from you. You are a great personality with a combination of spiritual and modern outlook. I love you harkamal Sir.

Swetha Kulkarni

harkamal Sir, your books are truly very inspirational. They teach us what is the correct way to live life. After reading your books, I have promised to myself that no matter what happens, no matter how many times I fail, I will keep on doing what my heart says.

Hitesh Yerekar

Lots of thanks to you. I can’t explain that how much I am benefited by knowing your real experience of life. It’s really great. My way of thinking has totally changed only because of your direction and suggestion. May God always be with you!

Hiral Ramani

One day, my father gave me book The real Success’ and at that instant, my life got changed. Although deep within, I already knew all these things, but somehow I needed someone who deeply understands these fundamentals of life. And I am fortunate to have harkamal in my life!

Ankush Sharma

harkamal Sir, you are my biggest inspiration in life. I want to become a successfull like you. I love reading all your books and applying everything in my life at every step. Everytime I say ‘every thing is possible’ it gives me an amazing power to do my work and to live my life to the fullest. Thank you so much!

Aakash Gupta

First of all I would like to thank Mr. harkamal for writing Life-Changing books which are indeed life changing. I recommend your books to all of my friends. I am very proud of you and that there are people who really care about India.

Akash Gupta

I am very thankful to you for guiding me on each and every step on the path of my life. After reading your books, my life has changed completely. Thank you so much Sir.

Swapnali Rajopadhye

Hello Sir. I am left speechless by the way you express your views about life. I always get motivated whenever I read your book. My heart tells me to follow your principles and I am trying to apply it too. Thank you so much for giving your time to motivate us.

Rohit Sharma

Sir, I just want to share my experiences with you. I have failed a lot many times in my relationships in life. Earlier I used to give up whenever someone broke my heart. But after reading your books, I just let it go and move on. Your books have also helped me to improve and serve the society better. Thanks a lot Sir.

Gunjan Gupta

Hello Sandeep Sir, after reading your books, I have found out who I am and what is it that brings happiness. ‘Thank You’ is a very little thing to praise you. I cannot even express how your sessions have changed my life. Your words are magical especially these lines have inspired me a lot, ‘Gir Gaya To Kya Hua, Girta Wahi Hai Jo Chalta Hai, Bus Itna Sa Karna Hai, Ke Uth Kar Phir Se Chalna Hai, Raaste Apne Aap Dikhne Lagenge’.

Deepti Arora

I am a kid of 15 and I have suffered a lot by listening to my limits. I was forced to consider myself lesser than what I am in reality. But reading your books made me proud of myself. Today I have in my hands, my destiny and my goals. And yes, I have crossed my limits to do anything in life. Thanks a lot harkamal brother!

Satyam Raj

Harkamal Sir, what you are doing, I must say, it requires immense courage. Everybody cannot do this. For this, biggest applaud to you Sir.I feel goosebumps after watching your seminar videos. You are a real mentor for the youth of our country. God bless you Sir.

Bhaskar Roy

From the beginning of the life we learn by seeing and listening. And today, most of us lack in connecting with the process of listening and seeing the reality. We are here to find our purpose and make the best of it. But very often, it seems that we lack in finding such goals and seek to the wrong dimensions. But harkamal has taught us first to identify, understand and then work with full dedication effort that millions shall follow in the days to come. Continue it and certainly millions more shall be willing to choose you!

Abijeet Amatya

Dear Sir, your bright and smiling face itself radiates so much energy and delight. Your words are the fountain of love. Your eyes depict the care of a beautiful mother. Love you so much Sir!

Nisha Chauhan

Dearharkamal, I like your books so much that every day before going to bed I read them which helps me to end my day with positive thoughts. I am feeling really nice and good. I always keep on waiting for your new book. Please continue to inspire us with your enlightening thoughts.


harkaaml, I read your book. It was mind blowing. Due to this book, I was able to accept my weaknesses and laugh on it. I can now control my anger due to this book.

Trupti Nilay Raj

Hi harkamal! I am very glad to read your book the real success . It was your remarkable struggle that arose up to awake people. All the very best for future. Thanks

Sarfraz Ali