The story of becoming an author

The story of my life


Harkamal ubhi


I am currently pursuing B.Tech. from an institute in Punjab.I belong to a middle class family and live with my mom, dad and a younger brother.I am also a sportsman- a national level air pistol shooter.
In my past, I’ve made lots of mistakes and learnt many lessons from them. Until a few years ago,I feel that I was a very negative person. I look everything in the wrong manner.This negative behavior created lots of problems in my life, sports, education. My teachers were forced to tell my father about my negative behavior.This meeting of my father and my teachers turned my life in new and positive direction.

I have always been passionate about writing and reading. My father knew about it.He decided to change my behavior in a very creative way.He gifted me a motivational book ‘You can Win’ on my 16th birthday so that I change my life and have a positive attitude to life.

 I read all the book he gave me with full concentration to successfully change my life. My father told me, “Always remove negativity from your mind by reading positive thought in motivational books.”

You can get anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price.You can get anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price.
You can get anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price. There was a new change I felt in myself after reading books. I’ve read hundreds of books by now. The new positive thinking behavior open doors for success in my life. I achieved success in every field.

 I got many prizes in school and college activities.In the year 2015-16 I also got three prizes in IIT Roorkee. My confidence level rise so much that I am not afraid of taking risks any more. I am now energetic and full of life.

From the age of 16,I have had a great interest in reading motivational books. I have seen miracles happen to men and women in all walks of life all over the world. Nature has created an amazing thing in the form of human beings. Nature gave great powers to human beings. When you begin using the magical power of nature (i.e. THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND), your life changes positively.

When I changed my life and find positive things about it, then I thought of helping others.The act of helping others inspired me to start writing motivational books myself. Now,I am passionate about the internet, writing, reading, and public speaking. I love motivating people, mentoring, coaching and helping them realise their full potential and, most importantly, serving my community. I wrote two e-books published by Bookrix from Germany. ‘The Power of Mind’ and ‘The Student Life’. 

In my books you read about my real life experiences.
I knew there was more that I wasn’t experiencing, but I was confused as to how to reach it. As so often happens in life, a strange turn of events in 2013 brought about a new beginning. I found myself without a law practice, and instead on a quest for my true Self. I learned to communicate with them easily and often. Each day, I went into a canyon, focused my thoughts and wrote down a chapter. I had no idea beforehand what I would write. Nevertheless, the book flowed perfectly with the simple key for unlocking human potential. All the material came to me the same way.

For years, I’ve considered upon my responsibilities toward this knowledge, waiting for the perfect time and perfect vehicle. Well, the time is now. The vehicle is my writing. I am doing B.Tech.Of course, that is hardly a qualification to become a messenger of this precious knowledge, so my role is quite small compared to the thousands of others who are to be the true messengers. Take this knowledge, spread it, and help every person open up to his or her natural qualities and get health, wealth and happiness.

January 16, 2017


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